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Authentic Ballistic NailScrews - Screws Installed with a Pneumatic, Battery, or Gas Nailer

UFO takes great pride in offering the highest quality screws that are versatile for a variety of applications.  We are sure you will find Ballistic NailScrews® will help you save both time and labor costs while providing superior holding power.  They are available in 21° Plastic Strip, 34° Plastic Strip (for paper strip nailers), 15° Plastic Sheet Coil, and 15° Wire Coil.  They are available in a variety of colors and head inserts.

We have IBC and IRC code approved fasteners for subfloor and shear wall.  See the IAPMO report #0133.  We have fasteners classified as Multiple Use for NWPCA, pallets, crates, and other wooden structures through Virginia Tech Testing.  See the reports.  



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