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Tips for Driving Ballistic NailScrews in Metal

For using the NSDCN75:

It has good power, even if you need to drive a shorter fastener.

Put the adjustment plate up as high is it will go. Use up to 140 lbs. of air pressure at the tank to get 120 at the tool. You can use the red depth adjustment wheel by the trigger to make any changes during testing. Try it on some scrap stuff first to get this all adjusted before you start the real project. Hold you left hand or off hand on top of the tool. With that application, it will take everything. Velocity is your friend and if you can keep it all tight to the work surface, you should be good. Stay away from metal welded seams and corners. Make sure it is real 12 ga. and not just something someone said was about 12 ga.  Wear eye protection for everyone around. 


Jim Boyd

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